Dayrize is the global leader for rapid impact assessment of consumer products

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The Problem

Most companies don’t know where to start to measure the impact of their products


Limited availability of supply chain data


Companies lack the specialized resources


Current solutions are expensive

Our Solution

The Dayrize technology makes impact assessment accessible and scalable


Assess impact even when supply chain data is fragmented or missing


Developed by 80+ industrial ecologists and sustainability experts


Proprietary technology enables accurate scoring at scale

Dayrize provides actionable insights with multiple business benefits

Regulatory Compliance

Government regulations require companies to comply with strict sustainability reporting requirements.

Dayrize provides rapid impact assessment of consumer products aligned with EU and US legislation.

Standard Reporting

Our proprietary Dayrize Score provides one simple language for measuring and reporting sustainability among internal and external stakeholders.

Set and measure progress against impact reduction targets.

Clearly communicate sustainability progress through internal and external reporting.

Improved Product Development

Identify the true impact of your products and set targets for impact reduction with internal teams and external suppliers.

Assess the impact for new products for benchmarking before starting manufacturing.

Increased Brand Relevance

Build brand relevance among key internal and external stakeholders including your customers, suppliers, retailers and employees.

Externally-validated Technology

In order to maintain the highest accuracy in our impact assessments, we have an ongoing peer review of our methodology.

Leading think-tanks, NGOs and universities provide feedback on our approach to ensure our methodology reflects the latest thinking about environmental and social impact measurement. Additionally, the logic of our algorythm is verified by third-party audits in the same annual cycle.

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