Our suite of tools provide actionable impact insights with multiple business benefits

Interactive Dashboard

Our secure Dayrize interactive dashboard provides full control of your product information.

Within the dashboard you can easily upload products, complete the impact survey, view and download your impact reports.

Impact Reports

Each product receives detailed impact report across the 5 dimensions of sustainability.

Each report includes:

Detailed breakdown of your product’s impact

Actionable insights to drive business decisions

Benchmark comparisons with industry products

Breakdown of impact between product and packaging

Downloadable reports for integration with internal tools

Management Reports

Management reports provide an overview of impact across your entire range of products. Filter reports by product category, product range, brand or sustainability dimension.

Easily compare impact across your range of products and identify hotspots to assist in allocating resources. Set and manage impact KPI’s for your product teams.

Consumer Widget

Our customisable consumer widget allows you to easily download the sustainability information for each product and display it in your ecommerce, retail and social channels.

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